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Section A

Directions: In this section there are 15 incomplete sentences. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the ONE that best completes the sentence, Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

A 1. Courses are not ____ merely for students to pass exams.

A. designed B. designing C. design D. designs

A 2. Please ____those details that you would like to change.

A. select B. selection C. selecting D. selects

B 3. There are six people present at the meeting, ____ three women.

A. include B. including C. included D. includes

B 4. He ____ told her that he worked for the corporation.

A. simple B. simply C. simplify D. simplely

A 5. They accept what is happening without ____ to change it.

A. attempting B. attempted C. attempt D. attempts

C 6.He was a great _____; he composed many great songs.

A. art B. artistic C. artist D. arts

D 7. Sandy did not want her parents to learn ____ the news of her failure in the exam.

A. in B. for C. on D. about

B 8. I was surprised to find out that I was heavily ____ debt.

A. on B. in C. to D. up

C 9. Out classroom is selected ______ the place for meeting.

A. for B. in C. as D. on

C 10. Their innovation products caught _____ quickly.

A. with B. up C. on D. in

A 11. Can you believe that John keeps a snake _____ a pet?

A. as B. in C. for D. against

C 12. The word comes _____ an African language.

A. up B. down C. from D. out

A 13. She hangs _____ all here clothes neatly in the wardrobe.

A. up B. out C. in D. on

D 14. The child has no understanding of problems, according ____ the doctor.

A. for B. in C. on D. to

B 15. Americans _____ millions of Christmas cards every year.

A. change B. exchange C. attempt D. determine

二、Vocabulary and Structure

Section B

Direction: There are 10 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. You should choose the One answer that best completes the passage. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

In the past, American families 16 to be quite large. Parents 17 five or more were common. Over the years, the 18 of the family has decreased. One reason for this is an increase in the 19 of living 20 the average, children attend schools for more years than they used to, making them 21 dependent on their families longer. Moreover, children nowadays are better 22 and have more money to spend on 23 . The parents usually take the responsibility 24 all the expense. Meanwhile, families are less close than they used to be. More and more American mothers 25 away from home.

A 16. A. tended B. wanted C. seemed D. extended

B 17. A. breeding B. raising C. feeding D. bringing

C 18. A. amount B. number C. size D. scale

D 19. A. level B. standard C. wage D. cost

A 20. A. On B. By C. At D. From

B 21. A. finally B. financially C. fashionably D. faintly

D 22. A. worn B. wearing C. dressing D. dressed

D 23. A. luxury B. activity C. playing D. entertainment

D 24. A. at B. to C. on D. for

C 25. A. are B. run C. work D. separate



TV’s Influence On Our Daily Life

1) TV not only presents us a wonderful world, but also brings some changes to our daily life.

2) It is true that TV has the value of giving complete relaxation

3)Now we can see that TV has caused enormous problems along with its benefits.

TV’s Influence On Our Daily Life

TV is now the family is a very common household appliances,is very important for everyone.TV was born in 1939,was formally popular in the early 1950s.Since then,countless children grew up,accompanied by television,modern society,television is of special significance.

Now the TV is already highly developed,again unlike the usual black and white screen,very few programs.TV a higher technological content,the emergence of flat-panel TV,digital TV,LCD TV and many other high-tech products to provide a better enjoyment and visual effects;At the same time,more and more TV programs,the amount of information is also greater variety shows,news programs,sports programs and other rich people’s home life,there are large tracts.

TV has the advantage of three-dimensional,real,large amount of information,but more and more parents have begun to restrict or prohibit the children watch TV.

TV is the same pros and cons like everything,it enriches people’s lives,bringing joy to the sick,the elderly,there is no television,there is no part of the color of life,deprived of some people to change,the lack of an understanding of the window to the world.

Unfortunately,information on some of television on young people is extremely harmful.Children did not have enough experience,often fail to recognize that television programs do not show a real world,they will believe that the use of a product to make them super-powers,they would argue that the murder case of TV is a normal phenomenon,is acceptable.According to the survey,the majority of people graduating from high school have seen approximately 15,000 hours of television witnessed about 18,000 people died in violence,if they see every day people died violent deaths tragic,real life murder in their eyes where it will be commonplace,this is the modern young people of the world for one of the reasons for interpersonal indifference.

Another survey showed that television is leading to youth writing,one of the reasons for the decline of expressive power.Had a primary school essay caused a huge discussion in a primary school of less than 600 words composition,even more than forty”dead”,such as “heat death ”suffocate the reasons behind actually It is the student television,computers and other frequently used and accepted the so-called”buzzwords”,written reading seriously lead to a lack of vocabulary when writing.Today’s children are keen to read is very little TV this dynamic information transfer information more attractive way than the black and white,so the children are more willing to match TV and not willing to read books. As everyone knows,the precipitation is generated by reading books.to improve the writing is an important factor.

TV is indeed the real change our lives and our society,it brings a range of benefits,it also brings a series of questions.We must find solutions to these problems,because whether we like the TV have been rooted in ur lives ,watching TV has become the fashion.




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