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  I.Phonetics ( 5 points)

  Directions : In each of the following groups of words, there are four underlined letters or letter combinations marked A, B, C and D. Compare the underlined parts and identify the one that is different from the others in pronunciation. Mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.




  Ⅱ.Vocabulary and Structure(15 points)

  Directions:There are 15 incomplete sentences in this section. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose one answer that best completes the sentence and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

  6. The price of beer __________from 50 cents to 4 dollars per liter during the summer season.

  A. altered

  B. ranged

  C. separated

  D. Differed


  7. You cannot be __________careful when you drive a car.

  A. very

  B. so

  C. too

  D. Enough


  8. The committee is totally opposed __________ any changes being made in the plans.

  A. of

  B. on

  C. to

  D. Against


  9. We' 11 visit Europe next year __________ we have enough money.

  A. lest

  B. until

  C. unless

  D. Provided


  10. My father seemed to be in no __________ to look at my school report.

  A. mood

  B. emotion

  C. attitude

  D. Feeling


  11. It is important that enough money __________to fund the project.

  A. be collected

  B. must be collected

  C. is collected

  D. can be collected


  12. You' d better take an umbrella with you __________it rains.

  A. nevertheless

  B. although

  C. in case

  D. so that


  13. Frankly speaking, I' d rather you __________anything about it for the time being.

  A. didn' t do

  B. haven' t done

  C. don' t do

  D. have done


  14. I' m sorry I can' t see you immediately; but if you' d like to take a seat, I'll be with you__________.

  A. for a moment

  B. in a moment

  C. for the moment

  D. at the moment


  15. The trumpet player was certainly loud. But I wasn' t bothered by his loudness __________by his lack of talent.

  A. than

  B. more than

  C. as

  D. so much as


  16. Our new house is very __________for me as I can get to the office in five minutes.

  A. adaptable

  B. comfortable

  C. convenient

  D. Available


  17. Our journey was slow because the train stopped __________at different villages.

  A. suddenly

  B. gradually

  C. continuously

  D. Continually


  18. We love peace, yet we are not the kind of people to yield __________any military threat.

  A. up

  B. to

  C. in

  D. At


  19. I' m very sorry to have __________you with so many questions on such an occasion.

  A. interfered

  B. offended

  C. impressed

  D. Bothered


  20. If the whole operation __________beforehand, a great deal of time and money would have been lost.

  A. was not planned

  B. has not been planned

  C. had not been planned

  D. were not planned


  Ⅲ. Cloze ( 30 points)

  Directions:For each blank in the following passage, there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that is most suitable and mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

  Have you ever had to decide whether to go shopping or stay home and watch TV on a weekend? Now you _____21_____do both at the same time. Home shopping television networks (网络) have become a _____22_____ for many people to shop without _____23_____ having to leave their home.

  Some shoppers are _____24_____of department stores and supermarkets——fighting the crowds, waiting in long lines, and sometimes having slight _____25_____ of finding anything they want to buy. They' d rather sit quietly at home in front of the TV set and watch a friendly announcer describe a product_____26_____a model shows it. And they can shop around the clock, buying something_____27_____by making a phone call.

  Department stores and even mail-order companies are_____28_____to join in the success of home shopping. Large department stores are busy_____29_____their own TV channels(频道) to encourage TV shopping in the future. Customers can ask questions about products and place _____30_____, all through their TV sets.

  Will shopping by television _____31_____take the place of shopping in stores? Some industry mangers think so. _____32_____many people find shopping at a real store a great enjoyment. And for many shoppers, it is still important to _____33_____or try on dresses they want to buy. That' s _____34_____specialism say that in the future, home shopping will_____35_____together with store shopping but will never entirely replace it.

  21. A. must B. should C. shall D. Can


  22. A. programme B. way C. reason D. purpose


  23. A. ever B. never C. still D. once


  24. A. proud B. fond C. tired D. careful


  25. A. sense B. doubt C. hope D. feeling


  26. A. until B. since C. if D. while


  27. A. suitably B. cheaply C. simply D. hardly


  28. A. nervous B. lucky C. equal D. eager


  29. A. putting up B. making up C. setting up D. looking up


  30. A. orders B. goods C. books D. answers


  31. A. lastly B. finally C. especially D. fortunately


  32. A. Then B. Yet C. However D, Therefore


  33. A. design B. make C. wear D. touch


  34. A. how B. why C. what D. when


  35. A. exist B. practise C. follow D. appear


  IV. Reading Comprehension ( 60 points)

  Directions: There are five reading passages in this part. Each passage is followed by four questions. For each question there are four suggested answers marked A, B, C and D. Choose the best answer and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

  Passage One

  Ann Curry is a famous news presenter of the NBC News "Today" show. When she was 15 she happened to walk into a bookstore in her hometown and began looking at the books on the shelves. The man behind the counter, Mac McCarley, asked if she'd like a job. She needed to start saving for college, so she said yes.

  Ann worked after school and during summer vacations, and the job helped pay for her first year of college. During college she would do many other jobs : she served coffee in the students' union ,was a hotel maid and even made maps for the US Forest Service. But selling books was one of the most satisfying jobs.

  One day a woman came into the bookstore and asked Ann for books on cancer(癌症). The woman seemed anxious. Ann showed her practically everything they had and found other books they could order. The woman left the store less worried, and Ann has always remembered the pride she felt in having helped her customer.

  Years later, as a television reporter in Los Angeles, Ann heard about a child who was born with problems with his fingers and his hand. His family could not afford a surgical(外科的) operation, and the boy lived in shame, hiding his hand in his pocket all the time.

  Ann persuaded her boss to let her do the story. After the story was broadcast, a doctor and a nurse called, offering to perform the surgical operation for free.

  Ann visited the boy in the recovery room after the operation. The first thing he did was to hold up his repaired hand and say, "Thank you. " What a sweet sense of satisfaction Ann Curry felt!At McCarley' s bookstore, Ann always sensed she was working for the customers, not the store.Today it' s the same. NBC News pays her, but she feels as if she works for the people who watch the programmes, helping them make sense of the world.

  36. How did Ann help the child get the operation he needed?

  A. Ann persuaded the boy to speak on TV.

  B. Ann paid for the operation herself.

  C. Ann' s boss agreed to raise money.

  D. Ann' s news report moved some doctors.


  37. Ann Curry got her first job__________.

  A. from her friend in a bookstore

  B. a couple of years before college

  C. at the NBC News "Today" show

  D. when she was studying at university


  38. At which part-time job did Ann Curry feel the happiest?

  A. The hotel.

  B. The bookstore.

  C. The students' union.

  D. The US Forest Service.


  39. What particularly gives her the feeling of pride?

  A. Helping people through her work.

  B. Reporting interesting stories.

  C. Being able to do different jobs well.

  D. Paying through her college education.


  Passage Two

  Lawn tennis is a good sport, being based on the ancient game of court tennis, which probably came up in Egypt or Persia some 2,500 years ago. Major Walter Wingfield thought that .something like court tennis could be played outdoors on lawns, and in December 1873, he introduced his new game, which he called Sphairistike, at a lawn party in Wales. The sport became popular very rapidly, but the strange ,difficult name disappeared almost at once ,being replaced by the very simple and logical term "lawn tennis".

  By 1874 the game was being played by British soldiers in Bermuda, and in the early months of that year a young lady named Mary Outerbridge returned from Bermuda to New York, bringing with her the equipment necessary to play the new game. With the help of one of her brothers, she laid out a court on the grounds of the Staten Island Cricket and Baseball Club, and there, in the spring of 1874, Miss Outerbridge and some of her friends played the first game of lawn tennis in the United States.And just two years later, in" 1876, the first United States lawn tennis tournament(锦标赛) was held--at Nahant near Boston.

  40. Which of the following statements is NOT true ?

  A. Lawn tennis became popular very rapidly in the United States.

  B. It was Major Walter Wingfield who invented court tennis.

  C. The sport was called "lawn tennis" shortly after it was invented.

  D. Miss Outerbridge set up a lawn tennis court with the help of her brother.

  答案: B

  41. Mary Outerbridge is important in the history of lawn tennis because__________

  A. she invented it

  B. she gave it its name

  C. she introduced it to Bermuda

  D. she brought it to America


  42. The new game called Sphairistike appeared in __________in 1873.

  A. America

  B. Europe

  C. Bermuda

  D. Egypt


  43. The first United States lawn tennis game was played

  A. at Nahant

  B. on the Staten Island

  C. in Boston

  D. in New York


  Passage Three

  There is no creature that does not need sleep or complete rest every day.

  If you want to know why, just try going without sleep for a long period of time. You will discover that your mind and body would become too tired to work properly. You would become irritable and find it hard to think clearly or concentrate on your work. So sleep is quite simply the time when the ceils of your body recover from the work of the day and build up supplies of energy for the next period of activity.

  One of the things we all know about sleep is that we are Unconscious in sleep, We do not know what is going on around us. But that do.esn' t mean the body stops all activity. The important organs continue to work during sleep, but most of the body functions are slowed down.

  For example, our breathing becomes slower and deeper. The heart beats more slowly, and the blood pressure is lower. Our arms and legs become limp(柔软的) and muscles are at rest. It would be impossible for our body to relax to such an extent if we were awake. So sleep does for us what the most quiet rest can not do.

  Your body temperature becomes lower when you are asleep, which is the reason people go to sleep under some kind of covers. And even though you are unconscious, many of your reflexes (反射动作)still work. For instance, if someone tickles (使觉得痒)your foot, you will put it away in your sleep, or even brush a fly from your forehead. You do these things without knowing it.

  44. When you are sleeping,

  A. all of you reflexes stop working

  B. most of your reflexes stop working

  C. many of your reflexes still work

  D. all of your reflexes still work


  45. If you don' t have as much sleep as your body needs, you will __________

  A. work properly

  B. think clearly

  C. keep your attention on your work

  D. easily get angry


  46. The cells of your body develop supplies of energy __________

  A. when you are asleep

  B. when you recover from your work of the day

  C. in the next period of activity

  D. when you are quiet


  47. In the clause " ...that we are unconscious in sleep"(Pam. 3),the word "unconscious" means__________.

  A. untiring

  B. unmoved

  C. quiet

  D. not knowing what is happening around


  Passage Four

  The first European stock exchange was established in Antwerp, Belgium(比利时), in 1531.There were no stock exchanges in England until the 1700' s. A man wishing to buy or sell shares of stock had to find a broker(agents) to transact his business for him. In London, he usually went to a coffee house, because brokers often gathered there. In 1773, the brokers of London formed a stock exchange.

  In New York City, brokers met under an old button-wood tree on Wall Street. They organized the New York Stock Exchange in 17.92. The American Stock Exchange, the second largest in the United States, was formerly called the Curb Exchange because of its origin on the streets of New York City.

  A stock exchange is a market place where member brokers buy and sell stocks and bonds (债券) of American and foreign businesses on behalf, of the public. A stock exchange provides a market place for stocks and bonds in the same way a board of trade does for commodities. The stockbrokers receive a small commission on each transaction they make.

  The stockholder may sell his stock wherever he wants to unless the corporation has some special rule to prevent it. Prices of stock change according to general business conditions and the earnings and future prospects (前景) of the company~ If the business is doing well, the stockholder may be able to sell his stock for a profit. If it is not, he may have to take a loss.

  48. The passage is mainly about__

  A. the Wall Street

  B. the stock exchange

  C. the stock

  D. the stockholder and stockbroker


  49. In the 1600' S, if a man wanted to buy or sell shares of stock, he had to do it through

  A. the government

  B. himself

  C. a broker

  D. the stock exchange


  50. The second largest stock exchange in the U. S. used to be, called __________

  A. the Wall Street Exchange

  B. the New York Stock Exchange

  C. the Curb Exchange

  D. the U. S. Exchange


  51. Which of the statements is true?

  A. The stockholder can sell his stock to anywhere at any time.

  B. There were no stock exchange in England in the 1700' s.

  C. The price of stock is not stable.

  D. The stockbrokers do the transaction without charging for the stockholders.


  Passage Five

  Tom had once worked in a city office in London, but now he is out of work. He had a large family to support, so he often found himself in difficulty. He often visited Mr. White on Sundays, told him about his troubles, and asked for two or three pounds.

  Mr. White, a man with a kind heart, found it difficult to refuse the money, though he himself was poor. Tom had already received more than thirty pounds from Mr. White, but he always seemed to be in need of some more.

  One day, after telling Mr. White a long story of his troubles, Tom asked for five pounds.

  Mr. White had heard this sort of thing before, but he listened patiently to the end. Then he said, "I understand your difficulties, Tom. I' d like to help you. But I'm not going to give you five pounds this time. I' 11 lend you the money, and you can pay me off next time you see me. "

  Tom took the money, but he never appeared again.

  52. Mr. White decided to lend, not to give Tom five pounds in order to __

  A. encourage him to come again

  B. get all his money back

  C. get rid of him

  D. thank him for his stories


  53. Tom was now in difficulties because he

  A. worked in a city office and was poorly paid

  B. was poorly paid and had a large family to support

  C. was poorly paid and always spent money carelessly

  D. was out of work and had a large family to support


  54. Altogether Tom received __________ from Mr. White.

  A. at least thirty-five pounds

  B. exactly thirty-five pounds

  C. less than thirty pounds

  D. five pounds


  55. Every time Tom went to Mr. White, he would __________

  A. directly ask for some money

  B. give some reasons before asking for money

  C. give reasons and then borrow five pounds

  D. ask for money before explaining his troubles


  V. Daily Conversation ( 15 points)

  Directions :Pick out appropriate expressions from the eight choices below and complete the following dialogue by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

  A. What about making it a little earlier

  B. I have no idea

  C. Let' s go together

  D. Thank you all the same

  E. Do you like basketball

  F. When and where shall we meet

  G. What are you going to do

  H. It doesn' t matter

  A: What do you plan to do this weekend?

  B: _____56_____

  A : I hear there' s going to be a basketball match this Sunday. Tom and I are going to watch it._____57_____?

  B : Of course. Basketball is my favourite. But I have no ticket for the match. What a pity !

  A : You' re lucky. I have some free tickets.____58______.

  B : Great !_____59_____?

  A : Let' s meet at the bus stop at half past five.

  B: I think there must be a big crowd of people there._____60_____?

  A : OK. See you at five o' clock.

  B: See you.







  Ⅵ. Writing(25 points)

  Directions :For this part, you are supposed to write a letter in English in 100 - 120 words based on the following information. Remember to write it clearly.

  61.你是王刚(Wang Gang),写一封给朋友李明(Li Ming)的祝贺信,祝贺他获得复旦大学计算机科学硕士学位,并祝他今后在学习和研究方面取得成功。

  答案:Dear Li Ming,

  I am delighted to learn that you have received your Master' s degree in Computer Science from Fudan University. I write to congratulate you on your success. We have good reason to feel proud of you. We know your degree of ,Master of Computer Science means diligent study and hard work. As your best friend, I have followed your progress with pleasure and interest. I can imagine how satisfied your parents are at this moment. As I understand, you will continue studies in America soon. I wish you great success in your studies and research work.


  Wang Gang



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